Social media, can’t live with it, can’t live without it. This is so true now. If I’m not taking a study break by scrolling through Facebook then I’m crafting blog posts for my job. It is now everywhere and and still growing today. While I still like to take a break from screens and read a book or enjoy the outdoors, I see the value that social media holds. This class has helped me understand that more and has honed my abilities to tactful use social media. After this class I now use Instagram  semi-regularly! I will probably keep blogging also but just under a different site. I wish I would have had more time to invest in this class but thats just not how it worked out this semester sadly. I hope that Dr. Zuegner enjoyed having me in her classes as much as I enjoyed taking them. She is probably one of the sweetest women I know and for sure one of my favorite teachers at CU. I know I will be able to apply what I have learned in this class to jobs that I will have and that is also exciting. Thank you for a great semester!

– A less nitwitty social media chick


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