Social Society

Elizabeth Hilpipre is the mastermind behind the social media pages for the Nebraska Humane Society. She has increased their social media footprint exponentially. She has made some mistakes along the way but she learned from them and used that knowledge to better the pages and accounts that she runs.

One way she has accomplished this is by analyzing her metrics and then using logic. One example of this is when she has a post about a cute animal. After this post racks in the likes she knows to post a picture of an older dog that needs a home. This is because with all the attention from the cute animal picture the other posts that the Humane Society has will be more likely to be closer to the top of peoples news feeds on Facebook. This is just one trick of the trade she has learned. She is good at looking at the metrics and seeing what posts work and don’t work. Through this she has also learned which items to boost on Facebook.

Most of her inspiration comes from the animals and their stories. It isn’t always easy to obtain these stories though. She had to train staff throughout the society to let her know about any interesting stories. She has also trained employees to document these stories and how to take good pictures. Some of this content she will post right away and other pieces she will save for the right time. She also pulls some inspiration from pop culture and upcoming holidays.

She is good at utilizing social media plans to help her keep organized and make sure she has enough content for the month. This also keeps her aware of the different holidays, both large and small. She is willing to try new things. A good example of this is her foray into Snapchat. She saw that there was a trend with Snapchat and she now uses this tool well. She has used it for animal adoptions and for finding volunteers and councilors.

The best piece of advice Elizabeth infused was to not be afraid to try new things but to let the data guide you and show you what is working and what isn’t.

(Photo credit to Kim Hamik)