Words of a Social Media Nitwit

I will always have this love/hate relationship with social media.

Social media chart
Photo Credit to Yoel Ben-Avraham

I’m not going to lie…I’m terrible with social media and technology. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of a book in my hands or the joy of talking to someone fact-to-face. My extent of social media use consists of Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and WordPress. I do have twitter and I just got Instagram, hashtag peer pressure from my journalism class. I used to use twitter but I stopped because I don’t have enough time in my day to deal with so many different forms of social media. I’m trying to get better and to be honest, I have to get better. We live in a day and age where you have to know how to do these things either for a job or to help you get a job. I’m hoping that I will learn more about myself on this journey through social media and that I will also find new ways to express myself.

My two favorite social media tools are Facebook and WordPress. I never post on Facebook but it is how I keep in touch with my family. To be honest I feel bad when I post on Facebook. It makes me feel like I am bragging about my life. My other favorite is WordPress. I have a blog and it is a favorite hobby of mine. It is funny because I used to hate writing because the only writing I ever did was for class. About two years ago I forced myself to start journaling as a new years resolution and I learned that I actually enjoy writing.

I think I will always have this love/hate relationship with social media. I love how connected we can all be and this huge network of information we have at our finger tips. It is amazing what we can learn at the push of a button. On the flip side though, sometimes there is just too much information. We can’t possibly learn all this information and with this much information it begs the question, ” How much of this is true/accurate?” I will always be an old soul that will always prefer to do things without technology if at all possible. I’m not exactly sure why that is but that’s just the way I am wired. I love to appreciate the simple things in life and technology has shown me the importance of sometimes stepping away from technology and enjoying life.