One Life, One Sentence

What I have found in life is that questions usually lead to answers


     You know whats weird? It is weird to be standing at a precipice of the rest of your life (#graduation) and having no clue whats on the other side of said steep, scary, cliff! THENNNNNNN your teacher has the grand idea of defining your life in one sentence! Well this happened to me (if you haven’t figured that out yet) and it caused many feelings to surface for me. I had to ask myself some weirdly hard questions and do some self reflection.

To start, I had to get some inspiration. I started watching videos of people sharing their on sentence. My favorite was of students sharing their one question. They look terrified but determined. You can tell they worked hard on these and wish to share a part of who they are.

What I have found in life is that questions usually lead to answers and this still held true while I was completing this assignment. Some questions were easy. For example:

  1. My top three personal strengths: passion, hard working, authentic
  2. My top three talents: dance, discussion, art
  3. My core area of expertise: history
  4. What can I do better than anyone else: Instill a sense of wonder and love of life
  5. What services I offer that differentiate me and set me ahead of my competition: my outlook on life and will to keep going

There are also harder questions such as, “Who am I? What do I want to be?” I am not going to lie to you, self reflection is not an enjoyable time for me. It brings up things from my past that hurt me deeply. While these things have turned me into the person I am today, they don’t define me. Even though self reflection causes this struggle for me sometime it also helps me come to terms with things and to realize what my life lessons are (this article gets it!).

Although this was not as easy as it sounded, I am glad I did it. OK, here it is!

She was full strength of and authenticity which, filled her life with wonder and a passion for living.