Speaking out or down?

Build up not break down!


One amazing thing about the internet is that it connects us all and allows us to share information faster than ever. This benefit has a dark shadow to it however. It allows people to shame others faster than ever now also. This can spread before the person is even aware that they have done something wrong. By the time some people find out it is too late and the internet is beyond reasoning and explanation. One prime example of this is Monica Lewinsky. She was really the first person to feel the full effect of shaming on the internet. ¬†Even now she still isn’t sure if she has fully recovered from what happened to her. While we think it is no big deal because the next day something bad will happen and the world will move on. This isn’t true though. The people that are touched by these acts can lose their jobs and more. They can be effected for years to come and the people on the other end don’t realize these effects because they aren’t receiving the words and feeling the effects they are just adding fuel to the fire.

Many people don’t stop to think what it might feel like to have the entire world hating you at once. Many people do stop and think that things on the internet are out there forever and that everyone can see it. When you are posting that comment you are just thinking about your friends and the inside joke you have. You aren’t thinking about how the rest of the world will take it. We need to be more careful about what we post and how respond to others. Many people are afraid to try and stop cyber bullying also. Many people don’t realize that it is as easy as posting a positive comment among all the negativity. We should be striving to push more compassion into the world! Build up not break down!

Photo created on Canva.