Words of a Social Media Nitwit

I will always have this love/hate relationship with social media.

Social media chart
Photo Credit to Yoel Ben-Avraham

I’m not going to lie…I’m terrible with social media and technology. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of a book in my hands or the joy of talking to someone fact-to-face. My extent of social media use consists of Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and WordPress. I do have twitter and I just got Instagram, hashtag peer pressure from my journalism class. I used to use twitter but I stopped because I don’t have enough time in my day to deal with so many different forms of social media. I’m trying to get better and to be honest, I have to get better. We live in a day and age where you have to know how to do these things either for a job or to help you get a job. I’m hoping that I will learn more about myself on this journey through social media and that I will also find new ways to express myself.

My two favorite social media tools are Facebook and WordPress. I never post on Facebook but it is how I keep in touch with my family. To be honest I feel bad when I post on Facebook. It makes me feel like I am bragging about my life. My other favorite is WordPress. I have a blog and it is a favorite hobby of mine. It is funny because I used to hate writing because the only writing I ever did was for class. About two years ago I forced myself to start journaling as a new years resolution and I learned that I actually enjoy writing.

I think I will always have this love/hate relationship with social media. I love how connected we can all be and this huge network of information we have at our finger tips. It is amazing what we can learn at the push of a button. On the flip side though, sometimes there is just too much information. We can’t possibly learn all this information and with this much information it begs the question, ” How much of this is true/accurate?” I will always be an old soul that will always prefer to do things without technology if at all possible. I’m not exactly sure why that is but that’s just the way I am wired. I love to appreciate the simple things in life and technology has shown me the importance of sometimes stepping away from technology and enjoying life.


Social media, can’t live with it, can’t live without it. This is so true now. If I’m not taking a study break by scrolling through Facebook then I’m crafting blog posts for my job. It is now everywhere and and still growing today. While I still like to take a break from screens and read a book or enjoy the outdoors, I see the value that social media holds. This class has helped me understand that more and has honed my abilities to tactful use social media. After this class I now use Instagram  semi-regularly! I will probably keep blogging also but just under a different site. I wish I would have had more time to invest in this class but thats just not how it worked out this semester sadly. I hope that Dr. Zuegner enjoyed having me in her classes as much as I enjoyed taking them. She is probably one of the sweetest women I know and for sure one of my favorite teachers at CU. I know I will be able to apply what I have learned in this class to jobs that I will have and that is also exciting. Thank you for a great semester!

– A less nitwitty social media chick

Speaking out or down?

Build up not break down!

One amazing thing about the internet is that it connects us all and allows us to share information faster than ever. This benefit has a dark shadow to it however. It allows people to shame others faster than ever now also. This can spread before the person is even aware that they have done something wrong. By the time some people find out it is too late and the internet is beyond reasoning and explanation. One prime example of this is Monica Lewinsky. She was really the first person to feel the full effect of shaming on the internet.  Even now she still isn’t sure if she has fully recovered from what happened to her. While we think it is no big deal because the next day something bad will happen and the world will move on. This isn’t true though. The people that are touched by these acts can lose their jobs and more. They can be effected for years to come and the people on the other end don’t realize these effects because they aren’t receiving the words and feeling the effects they are just adding fuel to the fire.

Many people don’t stop to think what it might feel like to have the entire world hating you at once. Many people do stop and think that things on the internet are out there forever and that everyone can see it. When you are posting that comment you are just thinking about your friends and the inside joke you have. You aren’t thinking about how the rest of the world will take it. We need to be more careful about what we post and how respond to others. Many people are afraid to try and stop cyber bullying also. Many people don’t realize that it is as easy as posting a positive comment among all the negativity. We should be striving to push more compassion into the world! Build up not break down!

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Social Society

Elizabeth Hilpipre is the mastermind behind the social media pages for the Nebraska Humane Society. She has increased their social media footprint exponentially. She has made some mistakes along the way but she learned from them and used that knowledge to better the pages and accounts that she runs.

One way she has accomplished this is by analyzing her metrics and then using logic. One example of this is when she has a post about a cute animal. After this post racks in the likes she knows to post a picture of an older dog that needs a home. This is because with all the attention from the cute animal picture the other posts that the Humane Society has will be more likely to be closer to the top of peoples news feeds on Facebook. This is just one trick of the trade she has learned. She is good at looking at the metrics and seeing what posts work and don’t work. Through this she has also learned which items to boost on Facebook.

Most of her inspiration comes from the animals and their stories. It isn’t always easy to obtain these stories though. She had to train staff throughout the society to let her know about any interesting stories. She has also trained employees to document these stories and how to take good pictures. Some of this content she will post right away and other pieces she will save for the right time. She also pulls some inspiration from pop culture and upcoming holidays.

She is good at utilizing social media plans to help her keep organized and make sure she has enough content for the month. This also keeps her aware of the different holidays, both large and small. She is willing to try new things. A good example of this is her foray into Snapchat. She saw that there was a trend with Snapchat and she now uses this tool well. She has used it for animal adoptions and for finding volunteers and councilors.

The best piece of advice Elizabeth infused was to not be afraid to try new things but to let the data guide you and show you what is working and what isn’t.

(Photo credit to Kim Hamik)

One Life, One Sentence

What I have found in life is that questions usually lead to answers

     You know whats weird? It is weird to be standing at a precipice of the rest of your life (#graduation) and having no clue whats on the other side of said steep, scary, cliff! THENNNNNNN your teacher has the grand idea of defining your life in one sentence! Well this happened to me (if you haven’t figured that out yet) and it caused many feelings to surface for me. I had to ask myself some weirdly hard questions and do some self reflection.

To start, I had to get some inspiration. I started watching videos of people sharing their on sentence. My favorite was of students sharing their one question. They look terrified but determined. You can tell they worked hard on these and wish to share a part of who they are.

What I have found in life is that questions usually lead to answers and this still held true while I was completing this assignment. Some questions were easy. For example:

  1. My top three personal strengths: passion, hard working, authentic
  2. My top three talents: dance, discussion, art
  3. My core area of expertise: history
  4. What can I do better than anyone else: Instill a sense of wonder and love of life
  5. What services I offer that differentiate me and set me ahead of my competition: my outlook on life and will to keep going

There are also harder questions such as, “Who am I? What do I want to be?” I am not going to lie to you, self reflection is not an enjoyable time for me. It brings up things from my past that hurt me deeply. While these things have turned me into the person I am today, they don’t define me. Even though self reflection causes this struggle for me sometime it also helps me come to terms with things and to realize what my life lessons are (this article gets it!).

Although this was not as easy as it sounded, I am glad I did it. OK, here it is!

She was full strength of and authenticity which, filled her life with wonder and a passion for living.